All About Mittleider Gardening Method

Gardeners are constantly looking for methods to maximize yield and minimize effort. The Mittleider gardening system achieves these objects, and its fans claim it can be used with any soil, in any climate. It minimizes weeds, and keeps plants healthy by feeding them custom-mixed fertilizer. Healthy plants are less prone to disease and insect damage.

The method is based on years of study by Dr. Jacob Mittleider, and is meant to take all of the guesswork out of caring for plants.

The simplest way to start is with beds employing the present soil, but it can also be used with beds containing a custom blend of sawdust and sand (or similar materials), which allows it to be employed to garden on patios or parking lots, or where soil can be polluted.

Dr. Jacob Mittleider

Mittleider gardening method was developed by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider. Dr. Mittleider had run a successful nursery business for 20 decades, and began traveling the world, educating the local people in 27 countries about how to grow food efficiently. He realized that the challenges faced by gardeners are exactly the same: insects, disease, and plant nutrition, and that the first two were affected by the latter.

He focused his work on plant nutrition, and developed a technique to grow food anywhere, irrespective of soil or climate, by utilizing a specially-formulated fertilizer mix and targeted watering.

He eventually formed a company, The Food For Everyone Foundation, to disperse his writings and supply training at the Mittleider technique.

The Foundation, under the guidance of his protégé continues to promote his own method, although mittleider died at age 88 in 2006.

The Basics of the Method

The Mittleider gardening process is a science-based method. The technique intends to deliver the nutrients needed, no more and no less.

Plants want 16 nutrients to grow. They also get three of them (carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen) from the atmosphere. Another 13 come from the soil. If you live in an area with inadequate soil, this could make it difficult to develop vegetables.

To be certain the plants are getting all of the nutrients they need, irrespective of the state of the soil, Mittleider produced a customized fertilizer blend that supplies of the nutrients in precisely the amounts. The other 10 are supplied by the Mittleider mix. Of the ingredients at the Mittleider fertilizer are secure and can be handled without any special equipment, and bought in any garden supply or hardware shop.

Regular and consistent watering is key to the Mittleider system. Grow Beds are built to permit watering using only a garden hose. An automated watering system, that aims the water right in the plant roots can be also often utilized, particularly . This cuts down on the labor involved in watering, and also saves water.

The crops are also pruned and trained in a particular method to maximize yield. The Mittleider system claims to increase yields. Some sources claim you can increase yield by 6 to 10 times and you can grow produce on 1/8 gardener to feed a household.

There is a certain amount of initial set up involved, however for a Grow Bed, it doesn’t want tools and materials are cheap.

Like every gardening strategy, this one has advantages and disadvantages. These records should help you determine if the Mittleider gardening process would be the right one for you.


The Mittleider system has many benefits. The main ones would be the growth in yield and the simplicity of maintenance. Here’s a list:

  • Unbelievably high returns in a small space
  • Inexpensive to set up, especially Grow Taller
  • Can grow in Any Sort of soil, or even on concrete, with Grow Boxes or containers
  • Grow Beds are easily installed, requiring no substances and just easy resources
  • Watering is simple and efficient–consumes up to 40 percent less water
  • Very low upkeep during growing up
  • Easy harvesting
  • Decreased problems with pests and disease
  • Works in almost any climate
  • Does not require crop rotation, except for prevent disease


There are very few disadvantages to this approach, and most of them are somewhat less of a problem when they look, or are based on beliefs regarding how gardening needs to be accomplished. Here are a couple:

  • Requires regular watering and per week feeding
  • Depends on industrial fertilizer, and is therefore regarded by some to be not sustainable
  • Does not fit the normal”organic garden” profile
  • Isn’t Acceptable for companion planting
  • Cannot be implemented in the Center of the growing period
  • Takes a nearby water source, unless using containers
  • Meant for use growing vegetables and berries
  • Not Appropriate for developing large-scale plants such as wheat, alfalfa, or noodle

Discussion of Disadvantages

Concerns about the expense of fertilizer don’t stand up for scrutiny. The fundamental fertilizers (for instance, a balanced 16-16-16 N,P,K water-soluble formulation) required are cheap and easily stored. A 14 bag of micro-nutrients, mixed with cheap base ingredients, could make 30 lbs of feed that is each. This is sufficient to feed 210 tomato crops for an entire season.

Not Organic

The concern have isn’t using pesticides When utilizing fertilizer isn’t a part of this gardening procedure. The Mittleider method could be achieved using natural insect and disease management.

The mineral nutrients used in Mittleider fertilizer All are all natural and accepted by the USDA for use in gardening. Plants can’t tell the difference between the nitrogen utilized in fertilizer and also the nitrogen in a natural fertilizer such as manure or compost.

But, producing traditional”chemical” fertilizers generates toxic waste products, utilizes non-renewable tools, and can be energy intensive. This leaves some people unwilling to go into the fertilizer path.

This method may be adapted to use tea if you are not prepared to buy fertilizer.

The Way to Begin Using the Mittleider Method


To begin using the Mittleider procedure, you will have to do some groundwork before the beginning of the year. You are going to be starting most seeds at an increase home, and also your Mittleider beds ought to be prepared to get the crops when they’re the ideal size for planting out and the weather will be appropriate (beyond the final freeze date in your town ). It may require as much as a weekend to prepare a Mittleider mattress, however if you’re starting from scratch and do not have a great deal of experience building items, you may want to devote yourself weekends.



The factor for siting your Mittleider beds is sun. Vegetables need full sunlight to flourish. Select a place that can get 6-8 hours of sun. Vessel or a bed ought to be oriented from North to South, to create the best use of sunlight. Out of shading those around the opposing side this is going to keep the plants.


Unless you’re using containers that are smaller, you’ll have to have the ability to attain your backyard bed. Grow Beds may be watered manually using a hose, but Grow Boxes may probably have to get a hose hooked up on your system of perforated PVC pipe. A PVC pipe program may also be employed using a Grow Bed.

Pick Between Grow Boxes or Grow Bed

There are two alternatives for establishing a Mittleider garden: Grow Stem which use the soil and develop boxes, which make an enclosure for a customized made soil mix along with their natural soil or within a container.

A Grow Bed demands no substances and is faster to install. Mittleider maintained that plants might be grown in almost any soil, but when there’s a problem with contamination, disease, or weed infestation, even a box is a much better alternative.

Grow Boxes utilize a”soil-less” mix, like sawdust and sand. A Grow Box may be put on the floor or become stand-alone container. It utilized if you’re developing on a terrace or need a mattress which needs zero bending (as for someone in a wheelchair), you are going to want to utilize mature boxes. Grow boxes work well using a watering system with PVC piping to make jets of water geared toward the plant root zone. The method may also be adapted for use. Containers or beds will need to be at a minimum of 2 inches deep to give space for your plant roots.

Grow Taller

More newcomer friendly

Require work that is less up front

Costly to assemble

Simply simple gardening tools required (rake, hoe, spade, hose)

Grow Boxes

Could be built almost everywhere; even onto a parking lot

Take up less room

Can be increased for easier accessibility to prevent contaminated soil

Virtually weedless no soil is used

Can prolong the growing up, since the soil-less mix warms up in spring and keeps roots cool in the summer


You don’t require a good deal of room to make a Mittleider mattress. Grow beds needs to be 18 inches broad. Grow Boxes could be 18 inches broad or 4 ft wide. These dimensions allow for the positioning of these plants. Beds and boxes could be almost any length, however, 30 ft is the longest you’d need –watering a longer mattress could be problematic.

You may wish walkways between boxes or your beds.

You would like to be certain that you are able to get to the center of box or the bed from both sides. You won’t ever walk onto a Mittleider mattress, and you’ll have to reach to the center to tend the crops and cope with almost any weeds, but these must be few and far between, particularly .